OAD Care and Maintenance

To ensure the best possible outcome for your OAD treatment, we’ve put together this care plan.

When to Use My OAD?

Your device should be used during sleep, including naps. It can be used on aircraft to control snoring.

Device placement

Make sure the device is right side up, then carefully place it onto your teeth, both upper and lower arches. Check fit prior to full force bite. 

OAD Safety

• Maintain good dental care – prior to use of and while using an OAD• Be aware that in the morning you may feel as if your bite is “off.” This sensation is not uncommon and should resolve by the afternoon.

• Morning dental/tooth sensitivity is not uncommon.

• Avoid hard sticky foods for the first meal of the day.

• DO NOT adjust your own appliance. 

• Stay current with the recommended follow-up care plan to maximize success.

Cleaning Your OAD

After each use, use a soft brush, mouthwash and cool/lukewarm water to clean your appliance. We recommend you have a brush that is used exclusively for this purpose.

You may use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your device. Soak for 15 minutes once a week.

Anti-bacterial denture cleansers can be used however they sometimes cause allergic reactions. Persulfate is an ingredient that can do this. DentaSoak is a product you can use that does not contain Persulfate.

Avoid the following:

• Do not use toothpaste

• Do not bleach your device

• Do not soak in rubbing alcohol or in mouthwash

• Avoid using boiling or hot water to clean your device

After cleaning your oral appliance, dry and store it in a clean case. 

For additional instructions or any questions, please give us a call at 844-235-9881.