Compassionate, Expert Care

Our board-certified orofacial pain specialists provide personalized and comprehensive care options to help people find relief from pain and sleep disorders.

Our Story

Dr. Brad Eli founded Facial Pain Specialists to help people who are coping with persistent orofacial pain disorders. As a pioneer of orofacial pain management, for decades Dr. Eli has been a nationally recognized expert in treating complex orofacial disorders.  Working together, the Facial Pain Specialists team has developed a unique, integrative approach that uses proven therapies and innovative treatments to provide relief from the most challenging orofacial symptoms.

Our mission is to provide those suffering from orofacial pain disorders with comprehensive treatment options to address their conditions. We understand that chronic pain may not be curable — but it can be managed.  Our goal is to eliminate crisis-level pain and provide relief so patients can go back to the activities and life they love.

A Compassionate Approach

Typically patients come to us when first-line interventions have not worked to resolve their issues. We find the best way to develop a successful treatment plan is to fully understand the patient’s experience, so we start by listening. Only when we have a firm grasp on their personal history and current situation will we formulate a customized treatment plan specific to the patient’s needs.


Having a team of providers and multiple locations allows us to offer expedited appointments. Our four offices are conveniently located in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.


Our doctors meet regularly to discuss complex cases and share knowledge. Everyone on the team is cross trained in treatment procedures, and any provider can support any patient. Our sophisticated information systems provide full access to case notes and communications between providers, including referring doctors, to keep our team informed on each patient’s current treatment plan.


Most treatments we offer are eligible expenses under medical insurance, but individual coverage varies by the specific plan. Learn more about payment and insurance.

The Orofacial Pain Discipline

In the 1970s, pioneer dentists built medical and surgical protocols for treating patients with TMJ disorder and other orofacial pain syndromes, creating the foundation for a new discipline.

Our specialized field is multidisciplinary, crossing the artificial boundary between medicine and dentistry. Knowledge of neurology, psychiatry, pain medicine, dentistry, and oral surgery are all required to competently practice in our field. For this reason, the American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes the Orofacial Pain discipline as a distinct specialty requiring board certification.

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An Expert Team

All Facial Pain Specialists providers are certified by the American Board of Orofacial Pain, meaning they have been trained at the highest level of their profession. In addition to their education, training, and board certification, all our providers have the benefit of working closely with Dr. Eli, who is a nationally recognized orofacial pain specialist. Learn more about our providers.