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Effective treatment for TMJ, headache, and sleep disorders.

We specialize in treating complex orofacial pain and sleep disorders to help patients reclaim a life they enjoy.

Welcome to Facial Pain Specialists

At Facial Pain Specialists, we understand chronic pain can be debilitating. It’s our goal to help you find hope. Our practice focuses on helping you effectively manage your pain to prevent it from interfering with your daily life.

Our board-certified specialists have developed a unique, integrative approach that targets the many factors that contribute to pain. This allows us to manage challenging orofacial pain conditions, even those that have not responded to other treatments.

Expert Care

We offer proven therapies and innovative treatment options that target multiple areas of pain.

Compassionate Approach

We prioritize listening and believing to fully understand your condition and identify the best treatment options.

Personalized Treatment

We believe collaborative care is most effective, so we work with you to personalize your treatment plan.

What We Treat

We help patients with severe or chronic pain and sleep disorders, such as

These conditions can be intricately connected, making traditional diagnosis and treatment difficult. Our expertise in facial pain allows us to approach these conditions comprehensively, targeting multiple areas that may result in pain.

Therapies We Offer

Complex problems often require advanced therapies. We build individualized, integrated treatment plans for each patient utilizing a combination of medication management, therapeutic injections, and oral appliances.

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Why See a Board-Certified Expert?

Each of our specialists is certified by the American Board of Orofacial Pain, making our practice highly qualified in diagnosing and treating orofacial pain and sleep disorders. All of our providers are committed to delivering expert, compassionate, individualized care.

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